Oallosanthropos by Silva Ferreti

In a Greece angered and hungered by the crisis, Oallosanthropos – “the other human” – had been providing hot meals for 4 years – supported by many people sharing money, food, time. A street kitchen with a difference: food is not an act of charity (=giving food for the poor). It is about solidarity (=eating together).

Four years on, it still builds on the lesson learnt on day one. “Some children were fighting for some garbage. No one did anything. I cannot see these things without reacting. I went home and cooked 10 toasts. I offered them to the children. No one wanted them! Then I started to eat one. And they came. I understood that eating together is different from giving food”

This is the chronicle of one week with other humans. In Athens, in the house where they store food, spices, equipment, and always welcome friends. Around Greece, where supporters opened homes to them and provided bags of food. Travelling by car, walking behind their trolley. One week of cooking, and sharing. Everyday in different locations: shabby social housing or touristy promenade around the Acropolis.

Street kitchen pictures are contrasted with details of the many graffiti that are transforming the skin of Athens. Because both street kitchen and graffiti are, ultimately, just two answers, two sides of the same (€) coin.

Their site is online at: http://oallosanthropos.blogspot.it/


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